Python Programming Training

Building Applications With Python

Python was recently voted as one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world by Stack Overflow. It is versatile, easy to learn and easy to compile. It is also one of the easiest programming language to learn for absolute beginners into the world of programming as it code appear very much like plain English.

It has also become very attractive to companies because of its versatility and fewer lines of programming code, making it easier to use to develop and deploy applications within a short time. Python can be used to develop both web and desktop applications. However, our focus will be building applications in order not to complicate, overload and bore participants. It is also ideal for data analysis and management, gaming, artificial intelligence and scientific computing. Exciting and financially rewarding career opportunities abound in the industry for those skilled in python.

The python training program will be based on our uniquely designed Learn-Build-Earn Methodology which ensures that participants are only certified proficient upon developing a saleable project solution for a corporate partner.


Weekdays (3-4 weeks

Weekends (7-14 weeks) Saturdays & Sundays Only

START DATE: On request. Application ongoing.

CERTIFICATE: * Certificate Of Program Completion.
* Attestation of Proficiency In Python Programming.  


TRAINING MODE: Offline or Online (Zoom)