Web Development Professional Program

Quality Web professionals are increasingly in demand because having an online presence is no longer luxury but a necessity for so many globally.
The Web Development Professional Program equips you with a collection of relevant technologies - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL among others vital for creating front-end and back-end websites and applications. And with its unique Learn-Build-Earn model, you'll be transformed from a novice to a thoroughbred web development professional that churns out functional websites and online applications with sleek designs that puts you in-demand. In summary, you will be made to:
* LEARN to develop eye-catching functional websites and web based applications * BUILD your first salable website from skills grasp * EARN possibly an income from at least a signed-up partner from your first project done


Weekdays (3-4 weeks

Weekends (7-14 weeks) Saturdays & Sundays Only

START DATE: On request. Application ongoing.

CERTIFICATE: Certificate of Proficiency in Web Design and Development  


TRAINING MODE: Offline or Online (Zoom)

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